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Make work engaging – lessons from Tom

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Make work engaging – lessons from Tom

Did you know that today is Tom Sawyer fence-painting day? As the story has it, Tom wasn’t a big fan of painting fences, so he found a way to make it so meaningful, engaging and fun that all his mates jumped in to help. Here are 5 ways we can make work for more fun, improve our engagement and creativity without relying on our employers to do it for us.

Get what you give
You know those people everyone wants to be around? They are positive, passionate, energetic and just by hanging out with them you feel uplifted. Energy is contagious so if you radiate positivity you will attract more of it. Conversely, misery breeds company so if you are miserable, you will attract more of the same. Mindfully consider your intention for the day and bring it.

Find your flow
Turn off your email, hide your social media alerts pop on some music, make a cuppa and get in the zone doing one task you absolutely love. Being completely absorbed and “in flow” is great for the soul and likely to result in a real achievement which goes a long way in creating job satisfaction.

Catch up over coffee
Have a coffee or lunch with a colleague. While you may not think you have time to head out with a colleague for a break, the fact is that those who have positive relationships at work tend to be happier and ultimately more productive. Get to know your workmates on a whole new level and likely you will understand them better when it comes to working as a team.

Purpose drives passion
It is so easy to feel like a cog in a wheel and that you work doesn’t really matter which is demotivating for anyone. Sometimes when we take a step back and learn how our job impacts the customer or user we get a rush of feel-good vibes.

Believing is achieving
Kick off your shoes at the end of a Friday and spend time with your colleagues reflecting on the week. We rarely notice our achievements as we have often moved on to the next thing so quickly but sharing stories and reliving the moments gives us a real buzz and reminds us what a great week has been had.

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