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5 tips from successful side hustlers

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5 tips from successful side hustlers 

Followers of bikini babes on Instagram all over the world can thank Frenchman Louis Reard, who unveiled the first bikini on this day in 1940.  He was actually a car mechanic who launched this business as a side hustle, learned from looking after his mum’s lingerie business.

Side hustles are fast becoming part of our working culture so if you want to get in on the action, here are 5 tips from successful side hustlers who have given it a crack.

Successful side hustlers typically ooze passion from every pore, and that is certainly true for colourful Auctioneer, Andy Reid from Sold By Group. Andy discovered his love of auctioneering while working as a real estate agent in the family business.  After two years balancing his full-time job in real estate with his auctioneering side hustle, he took a leap of faith and invested his energy into the business full time. Sold By Group is now working with 74 offices across multiple brands, has branched out into sales coaching for the real estate business and has a strong corporate social responsibility focus where they also undertake charity auctions for the community on a volunteer basis.

Andy believes that your side hustle must be something you are absolutely passionate about because you are effectively sacrificing your leisure time to work on your new business. “I loved my business so much that it got to the point where I needed to set the alarm to go to bed”.  Andy spent his evenings learning on the job and tapping into his network, which he believes was a critical key to his success.

Kayla Mossuto from Crema Joe certainly agrees with this sentiment. “Your goal is to be great at two things: your full-time job and your hustle”. Kayla would know, having launched her sustainable, reusable coffee capsules in 2014 as a side business to her full-time job.  Passionate about the environment, Kayla determined that over 6 million disposable coffee capsules were going into landfill every day.  Crema Joe now has over 65 stockists, a full-time team and continues to run with as little environmental impact as possible.

Kayla acknowledges that those who start side hustles are most likely to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty however shouldn’t underestimate the cost of a good outsource.  “If it costs less cash than what you’d make to do a task, outsource it. If someone can do a job better and faster than you can you, sometimes it’s just best to get an expert to do it for you.”

Melissa Hiemann from The Centre for Healing received similar advice from her coach from the outset. She is a big believer that a good coach or mentor is essential when starting your side hustle as it prevents time and money being wasted on trial and error.

Melissa’s story began when she was working in international trade. She wanted to start her own business but didn’t have the confidence to get started. When a friend offered her a sales role making cold calls, she accepted the challenge knowing this would be just the skill she would need to get that confidence. Melissa started posting on Facebook about her studies and realised she could help people.

What started with her seeing clients at home around her work hours has now grown into The Centre for Healing, which provides innovative programs that help assist people in mental health and addiction recovery.  “It was risky, and I was given many warnings but also support from friends and loved ones,” says Melissa.

Having family support is something successful side hustler Sarah Willmott, also agrees with after taking over her living room with products for Feel Better Box.  Sarah had the idea of sending Get Well Soon gifts when she was sick and away from family. Feel Better Box went from concept to reality and has doubled in size year on year. This growth, Sarah attributes to great marketing. “SEO is my best friend. You cannot conquer every avenue of marketing, pick the one that works for you and do it to the best of your ability.”

Successful jeweller Fairina Cheng knows all about the benefits of effective marketing, having worked in a marketing role for many years.  In an effort to leave the office on time, she enrolled in an evening jewellery class “I picked up my first jewellers saw and fell in love”.  After one week, she was hooked and made a commitment to herself that she would pursue jewellery design as a career.  Running her jewellery business on the side for over five years, she built up the courage to back herself to take a full-time leap in 2017 and has never looked back. Fairina Cheng Jewellery has gone from strength to strength, even winning an Etsy Design Award.

Fairina believes every good side hustle needs a great brand story.  “When you know the story and values surrounding your business, it makes it so much easier to understand who you’re talking to and how to talk to them. Instead of appealing lots of people who like what you do, speak to the few who love what you do.”

The Cure Collective team helps many side hustlers to grow their business through effective growth marketing strategies using creative, content and customer experience design. If you need assistance with your marketing strategy, social, SEO or sales, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.


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