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Keeping creativity alive – tips from the Chief Cookie Officer

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Keeping creativity alive – tips from the Chief Cookie Officer

With today being International Sugar Cookie Day, we spoke with Stephanie Chan from Sugar Rush By Steph who certainly knows what it takes to find that creative energy day-after-day while balancing work and home responsibilities.

Since establishing her Sugar Cookie business back in 2017, Sugar Rush by Steph has become the go-to for decorated sugar cookies for corporate and social events, you only have to look at her Instagram feed to start to crave one of her delicious masterpieces.  “I was working in corporate life as a financial accountant and knew that it wasn’t for me” so Steph decided to focus art and baking.

Steph’s top tip for keeping her creativity alive is to travel.  “I try to escape at least since every 6 months so that I can keep an eye out for new inspiration. I find a different setting every once in a while, keeps the creative juices flowing”

The Cure team is big supporters of this notion with plenty of inspiration coming from trips abroad. But what can you do to keep your creativity alive while staying close to shore?

Here are our top 5 tips:

# Tip 1 – Give it a valuation

If you want to promote creativity in your business, make time to develop ideas, budget to experiment and then space to allow that creativity to flourish.  It is one of the most valuable assets your business has as it is what makes you truly unique but if you don’t foster it, you won’t reap the benefits.

# Tip 2 – The best ideas happen in the shower

Ever noticed that the best ideas come in the shower? That’s because a shower is typically a peaceful, soothing experience and your phone doesn’t work in there to distract you. Carving out time without distractions often allows the mind to be free to dream up all sorts of possibilities.

# Tip 3 – Meditation, music and magic

Is your creative space a desk in an open plan office under fluoro lighting? Finding an environment that is conducive to creativity can see some of the best work produced. If you’re relaxed, inspired by tunes and have given yourself permission think, chances are you’ll come up with an idea or solution better than under pressure.

#Tip 4 – Let it go – let it goooo

When you stop trying to control the process, amazing things happen, which is certainly the case for Cure Partner, Lee Morgan who has been abstract painting for several years.  “When I am focussed on controlling the result, my work is constrained and conforming. Whenever I just get started and give in to whatever happens I surprise myself!  This is the same in my work – when I just start exploring with no expectations, that’s when the good stuff happens”

# Tip 5 – Don’t do it solo

Find other creative souls who you can bounce ideas off and build upon ideas with and harness the power of the collective. As the old saying goes “two heads are better than one”.

Creativity is one of the greatest assets an organisation can have. It is your uniqueness, often hard to replicate and offers incredible benefits to innovation, new product ideas and problem-solving. For us at Cure, we use creativity daily to help our clients differentiate through delightful customer experience design, branding, packaging, marketing collateral, social media and content to name a few.  

If you need help finding inspiration – give us a shout.  For now, we are off to bake some cookies, after all, it is the day for it!


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